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    MV Sparna

    Defiant teams mobilized to assist in salvage efforts along the Columbia River. The MV Sparna, a 623-foot bulk carrier struck a large boulder and ran aground while transiting the Columbia River near Cathlamet, Washington on March 21, 2016. The vessel suffered multiple fractures in the hull, the largest being a 25-foot by 5-foot wide flooding the #1 and #2 forward bilge compartments.  Defiant Marine installed temporary external steel patches 18-foot wide by 44-foot long weighing fifty thousand pounds restoring a watertight hull and allowing access to damaged tanks.  Defiant Marine then skinned the 40-foot gash from inside the tanks and pumped 120-yards of concrete, creating a temporary patch. This allowed USCG approval for the vessel to sell to Japan and deliver the time sensitive cargo which included fifty-one thousand tons of wheat.