Tim Ferris started Defiant Marine, Inc. with the notion that the key to achieving goals lies in the assembly of a team in which all the members share the belief that success has no limits, a team in which all members contribute by going above and beyond naturally. Tim has a keen eye for recruiting spirited talent. Defiant supplies the most knowledgeable and committed individuals along with the turnkey equipment and resources allowing mobilization into any scenario. Defiant Marine, Inc. can provide a response to any salvage, wreck removal, or variety of other challenges.

On this reputation, Defiant Marine has been awarded a vast number of contracts requiring a broad knowledge and experience in marine construction, salvage and wreck removal operations. Defiant Marine does not limit its’ functionality, but instead chooses to operate in any environment necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Witnessing additional opportunity for growth, Defiant Marine, Inc. has begun inland operations that include dam inspection and maintenance.  With the acquisition of heavy equipment, Defiant Marine, Inc. knows no boundaries.

Defiant has partnered with numerous organizations, including but not limited to Resolve, Titan, SMIT, & Don Jon.